Wil’s passion for music and movies collide in the Greatest Showman, a movie/broadway show he’s been waiting for for almost a decade. The gang discusses the merits of the film AS a film, as well as how it handles race relations in the 1800s, PT Barnum’s basically fictionalized life, and most importantly the SONGS! This episode is jam packed with laughs, swoons, and song samples to give you all the best idea of how the movie sounds. Tune in above or wherever you listen to podcasts!


Enjoy Hugh Jackman so overcome with passion for this project that despite doctor’s orders to not sing because it will tear the stitches in his nose he starts singing anyway.

Here is the hilarious Well’s For Boys skit from SNL mentioned by Wil, starring Wil.



In an attempt to incorporate more music talk into this podcast the team watched Katy Perry’s new video for Hey Hey Hey. Unfortunately, Wil forgot to unmute his mic after they watched it so about 2 minutes into this cast you’ll only be hearing Kristin clearly and Wil in the distance. It’s still big fun and lots of laughs, it just doesn’t sound good enough to get into the mainline podcast. Enjoy!