mother! is an undoubtedly polarizing movie for a ton of reasons. The filmmaking itself is enough to put people off, but it’s also full of nightmarish imagery, religious overtones, and Ed Harris clogging toilets with rats that he’s presumably hocked up from his ailing lungs. It’s not for everyone, but it was DEFINITELY for us. Well, it was definitely for Wil. Kristin isn’t quite as enamored of the film as you’ll find out this episode though she did enjoy it. mother! recently was announced as the winner of the Golden Razzie award for worst film of the year some crazy how, presumably having been voted on by dopes who’ve never seen an objectively well-made film in their lives. Regardless, we enjoyed mother! and we’d love for you to hang out with us while we chat and debate about mother! Please comment below with any thoughts you have about the film. We’re quite interested in everyone’s take.