From the incredible set design, to the vibrant, colorful costumes, all the way down to the cinematography, there sure is a lot to like about Black Panther. And man, can we take a minute to talk about Angela Bassett’s golden Medusa head earrings? I mean, where’s the sequel for those. Black Panther is a top-tier Marvel movie at it’s base level. It deftly tells the story of a superhero superheroing, and it does it with a visual panache not seen in most of the franchise (Guardians and Thor 3 excluded). Looking even a little bit deeper though reveals just how much meaning this film with have with not just for people of color, but for women as well. There is no weakness in Black Panther. All of the women are warriors alongside the men. Even the teenage scientist, Shuri, fights for her beliefs alongside her brother, T’Challa. It is a movie about strength and culture, and manages to carry a message of representation on its shoulders in a very real way. So come join us while we GUSH about Black Panther, and swoon at Michael B. Jordan and his super sexy scarring.


Correction: Kristin mentions that Michael B Jordan had a run on This Is Us, but she meant so to say Parenthood.