When we talk about Annihilation, it may at times seem like we didn’t like it. We assure you, we did. But boy were we SAVAGED by one of the scenes in this movie and left with a night of tossing and turning and nightmare fueled hallucinations. Well maybe not that extreme, but this was scary. No joke. After a brief intro detailing what Kristin has seen so far of CW’s The 100, we chat spoiler-free about Annihilation for about 25m before delving into the spoiler zone. We tried to lighten the mood a bit before wrapping up so we chatted about the new Heathers show, which does not impress in its pilot, but supposedly course corrects quickly. As usual the episode is a little all over the place, but we have a lot of fun talking about Annihilation so grab a coffee and start your Tuesday with us!


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