This episode marks the inaugural episode of our Marvel Re-watch series! We’re very excited! Can’t you tell?!?! Our plan is to watch (roughly) one MCU film per week starting the first week of the year, which we nailed, and that will leave us finishing Black Panther the week before Infinity War comes out. It sounded like a good plan and a good excuse to watch 18 of our favorite movies with a group of friends so we did it. Following the chronological release order we started with Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2. The general consensus is that these movies are great for their time, but compared to movies like Black Panther and Thor 3 seem a little lackluster though still lovable. They got the MCU started off on the right foot and Marvel has barely strayed from the path since, for better or for worse. We really enjoyed these movies, Hulk a little less so than the Iron Man flicks, and we’re so excited to keep rewatching and keep talking to you about our updated experiences with this amazing franchise!


Chris Pratt barrel-chested Hot Toy


Image of Nomad (nee Captain America)


Gentle Whispering (Maria) ASMR