This week we found ourselves watching some really great comedy! Our episode opens with a chat about Bad Moms which we LOVED, despite its middling sequel. Any time a bunch of ladies get together in a comedy ensemble we are easily entertained. After a brief chat about classic but canceled Kitchen Confidential, we wax poetic about Game Night, which had both of us rolling in the aisles at the theater. It was smart, and riotous, and surprisingly well shot for a comedy; something you don’t see every day. It wasn’t “yuck yuck” slapstick comedy the way you might think, but is most easily described as Clue meets Rough night.┬áBoth have their slapsticky moments but it’s really their smartness that shines the most. We truly loved it, and we wrapped up the episode chatting about The Big Sick.┬áKristin loved and Wil mostly liked after a rough opening. This week is a little short but still chock full of fun and our loud opinions so listen in to So...I’m Watching This Show!


Amy Adams SNL Skit

Sirens SNL Skit