There’s no doubt that Annihilation left a mark on us. Whether it was a good mark or a bad mark is yet to be determined, but it certainly inspired us to analyze some of director Alex Garland’s older work. Ex Machina is an easy choice, but we’ll talk about that on another podcast. So we’re going to dig into Sunshine, Danny Boyle’s 2007 foray into space sci-fi which Garland wrote.

The film fall’s apart a bit in the third act, not unlike Cloverfield Paradox, which then triggered us to just go ahead and chat about all three Cloverfield films, their occasionally rocky endings, and this trend in Hollywood of buying a script and retrofitting it to work in an existing franchise. Tune in as Tristan and Layla discuss some marquee sci-fi films from the last decade and why they do and don’t work, and we may find out something about ourselves along the way.