Look, fair warning. This episode gets a little heavy. But we’re cool, right? We’re still cool even though we have feelings, yeah? If not, so be it. Here come the emotions anyway! Today we chat about Love, Simon, but also about several other gay topics out there in the verse. We start by talking about how untactful reporters accidentally outed Lee Pace, one of our many faves. Then Wil compares his own life to the film, breaking down his very similar situation which he went through in high school. Was the outcome good? Yeah sure, but it should always be a choice.

Finally, hear our thoughts on this idea that gay roles in film should only played by gay people, which yes, but also no. It’s more nuanced than that. We think straight actor Nick Robinson did a great job in Love, Simon, and we think Armie and Timothee deserve all the accolades for their roles in Call Me By Your Name. It’s not black and white. Listen up, rate, review, subscribe, and leave us your thoughts here, on iTunes, on Twitter or wherever. We loved Love, Simon, and want to know what you thought!


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