In this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show, we continue our Marvel Rewatch series! Now that we’ve thought a little about how we want to release these, they’ll be in well-organized chunks. This week we’ll talk about Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Age of Ultron! This certainly isn’t going to be deemed the highest tier grouping. Iron Man 3 is universally our least favorite, and Wil even has quite a distaste for Age of Ultron. But a bad Marvel movie is still pretty good in our eyes, kind of like how even bad pizza can’t be all that bad. We still had fun watching them. The first Avengers movie though, phew! What a great movie, right? It really proved that this idea of combined storytelling leading to a greater whole can work. Even if it didn’t work out quite as good the second time around.

Anyway, as usual we totally enjoyed ourselves during this episode and found many ways to go off on fun little tangents. So the time has come. Listen in, you mewling quim!


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