With a name like So…I’m Watching this Show, we sure do talk about a lot of movies. Well it’s time to rectify that! Today’s episode is going to be a Winter TV Roundup of all the shows we’ve been watching this season. There are a few shows we leave out, like Riverdale and the Magicians, since we’re going to talk about them more in depth later. But we still manage to talk about 5 or 6 shows, share our experiences with each, and do a bit of critiquing along the way.

Strangely, a lot of these shows we aren’t watching together. What that means for you is you’re going to get great explanations of each show so you can decide for yourself if they sound appealing to you. We’re watching stuff so YOU don’t have to. Think of it that way. So anyway, let’s dive right in to this episode of So..I’m Watching this Show that’s all about watching shows!