Damn, listeners. Back at it again with another Marvel Recap episode this time focusing on Thor! Our heroes try their damnedest to have a focused conversation about the three Thor films, and by golly occasionally they do. But I won’t lie to you. This one gets a little…uh…”loose” I’ll say. Yeah, loose works. Our chat about the first couple movies stays fairly on point, but we’re just not able to contain our excitement for Ragnarok and our thoughts just kind of start pouring out of us. Sue us, we got over-hyped.

We have a lot of fun recounting two pretty good Marvel movies and then one of the greats here. Guardians kind of laid the groundwork for what Ragnarok did and even though we do like both of the preceding Thor movies, the third is miles ahead. So come join us and revel with us on the latest episode of So…I’m Watching this Show!


Thor Ragnarok – Valkyrie scene lighting rig test footage


Chris Hemsworth on SNL