Santa Clarita Diet is without a doubt one of the best comedies available right now. It’s funny, smart, heartwarming, refreshing, everything you would want in a TV show. It just so happens to be about a woman who is undead and has to survive by eating human remains. NBD. We LOVE this show and season 2 was no exception. You can find it on Netflix, and we wax poetic about it for half an hour on this weeks episode of So…I’m Watching this Show.

We also wound up watching most of Dick Tracy, and boy does that movie not hold up very well. Kristin had never seen it and she was not a fan. Surprisingly enough, we actually managed to get ourselves out of the house this week to a bar showing Repo the Genetic Opera. And As you might have guessed, that one doesn’t really hold up either. So join us, won’t you, while we chat about two mediocre movies and one incredible TV show!