As a special treat for listeners, we ACTUALLY managed to stay on topic for 90 whole minutes this episode! There my be a little tangent here, a small rant there, but we did good, if we do say so ourselves. Today’s episode is Captain America, the hero we need, deserve, and the gay icon we love. Neither of us were excited for Captain America when the first one was coming out, but we soon learned the error of our ways. Immediately we fell in love with not only Cap, but the lovely Agent Carter as well. And Bucky… Ooooooh boy, Bucky. Not so much in First avenger, but Winter Soldier. Swoon. It’s hard to describe our feelings in an abridged fashion, so just listen to the episode to find out our thoughts!

Along with the merits of the films themselves, we talk a bit about how good it is that Steve has feelings, talks about them, and treats women well. Meanwhile the women in the movies are strong and independent. Maybe they didn’t mean to be feminist movies, but they turned out that way anyway.

Today’s episode is a long one, so get comfortable and get ready for a deep dive into the world of Captain America!