You don’t have to love Jesus to love Jesus Christ Superstar. The 1973 version is a wild, seemingly drug-fueled romp through the desert, which if you take Jesus out of it, sounds like a lot of movies made around that time. Wil loves it, maybe through nostalgia goggles a bit. Kristin, who just watched it for the first time, had pretty mixed feelings.

The real reason we watched it though was to prep for the Jesus Christ Superstar Live show. Spoiler alert, we totally loved it. Both of us. The way the songs were performed, the sets, the audience participation, all of it. It was just an all around success. And we’ve been fairly skeptical of the live shows up to this point, but JCSS really nailed it.

We chat about both versions on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show, as well as one of our all-time favorite TV shows, American Gods. Specifically the final episode which features MANY Jesuses in one form or another. Be warned though. We do spend a decent amount of time gushing about Kristin Chenoweth.