It shouldn’t surprise you that we were initially cold on the idea of Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean a HARD sci-fi flick with NONE of the other Avengers in it? Come on. However, we were quickly and happily proven wrong. As you are no doubt aware, James Gunn knocked Guardians of the Galaxy Part 1 out of the park and came back for seconds. To date, they are among our favorites in the franchise.

Along with our focused and astute analysis of the films, we talk about how much family plays a role. Not just in GotG, but all of the MCU. We touch on how much your chosen family matters just as much as your blood family, and how good it is to realize that at a young age.

This is the second to last of our Marvel Rewatch and we’re sad but relieved to be wrapping up. We love these movies and what they’ve done, so pull up a chair and enter the wild world of Guardians of the Galaxy with us!