Blockers was not the movie we expected it to be. The trailers focused almost primarily on making it look like a raunchy sex comedy. And when they weren’t focused on that, it was all about that butt-chugging. It was really set up to be up the alley of a straight-to-DVD National Lampoon’s movie.

However, we were so pleased to be proven wrong. Not only was it funny, but poignant as well. Everyone in this movie was hilarious and well-used, our old faves shined, and some new faves were made. Not to mention that having a prom night sex pact be made by a group of girls instead of boys was a delightful flip of the script. We loved it.

This episode wraps up with a chat about Kylie Minogue’s fantastic new record, so as usual expect some singing. Join us for another fun-filled episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!