Everyone seems to have a case of Amy Schumer fatigue right now. Whether mild or massive, most people are harboring some sort of ill will towards her. Her act is getting a little tired, there was some controversy over stolen jokes, etc. But damn if that didn’t stop her from making a great movie with I Feel Pretty!

The reviews for this movie are wildly negative. Most of those reviews coming from women who feel like this movie is pandering and unrealistic. Well we disagree whole-heartedly. To us, this movie was the kind of fun you feel in a movie as a teenager. It’s the kind of movie you put on for a long car ride and enjoy it every time. Kristin even likens it to 13 Going on 30, which she loves dearly. We think the reviews are totally wrong on this one.

Maybe Amy Schumer needs to adjust her act a bit, and maybe she needs to work on her image. But I Feel Pretty worked for us and got us excited for what she’s going to do next. So curl up with us as we discus the finer points of I Feel Pretty on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!