The time has come. Avengers Infinity War is finally here, and let us tell you, it delivers. Is it going to satisfy every person that walks out of the theater? I doubt it. But most people are going to be picking up pieces of their skull on the way out, because their minds have been blown. It’s not perfect, but its successes far outweigh the failures.

Everyone should go into Avengers Infinity War spoiler free, but if you like to live dangerously, go ahead and listen to this episode. We do warn you when we’re going to get into spoiler territory though. So for anyone just looking for general thoughts you will find them at the beginning. We also have a special guest, editor/husband Will, joining us because it was clear on the car ride home that we all needed to talk about the movie together.

This is a longer than average episode, but it’s a longer than average movie. We chat about where the movie wins, loses, and what we want out of the next one. So get cozy, you’re in for a deep episode of So…I’m Watching this Show!


Tony glares at Mantis