It’s been a slow couple weeks for movies and TV. Infinity War is done, our shows are wrapping up, etc. So today we wanted to talk about one of our collective favorites, The Fall! Not many people have heard about The Fall, and we get it. It was a low-budget, high-concept, independently-produced movie. It doesn’t sound like the kind of movie that would get a lot of play. And unfortunately it didn’t. However, it picked up a cult following over the years since it’s release in ’06 and we absolutely can’t get enough of it.

The story is fairly simple: A recently-paralyzed stuntman is healing in a hospital in 1930’s Los Angeles. He meets a young girl whom he befriends, and tries to trick into stealing him morphine, which he plans to use for suicide. He tells her tall tales about his life, which she interprets into fantastical stories which we see on the screen. It’s weird. But as we’ve said before, we love weird when it’s done right and The Fall is done VERY right. It’s one of the most beautiful movies we’ve ever seen and they do it all in-camera, no special effects. Just locations, a great makeup and costume artist, and a lot of hard work.

Directed by Tarsem, director of The Cell, The Fall is very niche, but succeeds in so many ways that we always try to promote it, 12 years too late. So enjoy our gushing about it on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!