Today we’re talking about Life of the Party, but first we have to pour one out for our fallen homies. Network upfronts are this week, which means last week was a bloodbath of canceled TV. We go into more specifics in the show, but the most notable loss, at least for one day, was Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Thankfully, NBC swooped in to save the day after we recorded this. However, you can hear us go on about why it, and shows in general, really should be allowed to wrap things up rather than be unceremoniously canceled.

In better news, we really liked Life of the Party! Melissa McCarthy’s brand of comedy just works for us and it was on display here in spades. Not only is it funny, but, like in her other movies, it’s never her weight that’s the butt of the joke. She always is able to use her frame as part of her prat-fall comedy, but it’s never the focus. We also really enjoyed the fact that for the majority of the movie she’s banging a hot 23-year-old and they also never make THAT a joke. If you like what she brings to the table in her other titles, you’ll enjoy Life of the Party.

We wrap up by talking about a few more of our favorite Melissa McCarthy titles, Spy in particular. We just really love the energy she brings to movies. She’s such a positive force in a world full of downers and we love her for it. Sit back, listen up, and hang out for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!