For at least half of this episode we are a household divided. Friends turned foes. Allies turned enemy. Kristin liked Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Wil did not. Though to be fair, there were some extenuating circumstances that may or may not have negatively affected Wil’s experience. Listen in to get the grizzly details.

We also decided to check out the new Netflix original movie Ibiza. Aside from being Vanessa Bayer stans, we’ve always like Gillian Jacobs so we said “Hey, let’s do this.” Turns out we can still be friends because both of us really liked Ibiza! It sold itself as being this raunchy dickfest but turned out to be a sweet rom-com at its core. Check it out for yourself!

We know this episode is a little incongruous, but we didn’t want to spend too much time disagreeing about Solo. You should all see it for yourselves for sure.