It should be no surprise by now that Wil is a big fan of mermaids. In most ways, shapes, and forms, Wil truly loves the half-fish/half-human sea creatures. So you can imagine his excitement when Freeform announced Siren, a teen soap about said mermaids. A match made in heaven, I’d say. Turns out the show is actually pretty good and both Wil and Kristin enjoyed it quite a bit!

Not only that, but Kristin spends a bit of time talking about how Siren, and most other Freeform shows, are doing the good work to help shape teenagers. The other show she focuses on is The Bold Type, a show about female friends actually being friends. Also about a female boss who isn’t a ball-buster, which is a nice surprise. Overall, that channel is really making it work.

In the middle somewhere we chat a little bit about Aquamarine, a little-known mermaid movie from 2006. After a bit of back and forth about the film’s finer qualities, we decided it actually was a really solid movie as long as you’re a teenage girl who is really into boys, or are gay. We manage to swing back around to Siren again before we wrap up.

Hopefully you like mermaids too because you’re getting a lot of it on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!