Won’t You be My Neighbor hit us like a ton of bricks. And we weren’t the only ones. Everyone in our sold out theater found themselves crying at one point or another, and not because it’s necessarily sad. The documentary tells the story of Fred Rogers, more commonly referred to as the lovable Mister Rogers. To most of us, he represents a large chunk of our childhood and shaped us into who we are today.

Won’t You be my Neighbor examines the life of the man as well as his impact through his show and elsewhere. Whether it was convincing congress to give PBS proper funding, or just being a genuine positive force for good, his presence was felt all over the world.

We don’t chat much about the actual quality of the doc, which was very high. Instead we talk about the things it made us think about: What does it mean to be a christian or republican today versus 40 years ago. How can we be better accepting of all people? Things like that. And if there’s one quality that makes a great movie, it’s when it gets people talking. This is that movie.

We highly recommend you go see it, and then join us for a chat about Won’t You Be My Neighbor here on So…I’m Watching this Show!