We really liked Ocean’s 8. This should surprise none of you since it’s chock full of a bunch of our favorite ladies. It was an apt spin-off of the Clooney movie and it’s about fashion and jewels. Honestly it checks off so many boxes for us. And no one spilled a mountain of ranch dressing all over themselves so it was a good night.

We also wanted to touch on a few Broadway shows this episode. In particular, Mean Girls and Frozen. We’ve been fans of Broadway stage plays as much as we can be as medium poor people who live in Florida. But we’ve got our finger on the pulse. Both shows have been doing the talk show rounds and we’ve been mostly impressed with what they both have on offer. What we’ve seen of Frozen is slightly underwhelming, but in general we’re enjoying what we’re seeing.

This episode is a little all over the place, but stick with us. Just because we’re a little unfocused doesn’t mean we’re not having fun! So hang out with us while we chat about Ocean’s 8 and whatever sounds good at the time!