We’ve finally caught up on Sense 8 and boy do we have some things to say. Since it’s Pride month, we decided to pair Sense 8 with Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. If you like to see people just being nice to each other, then Queer Eye is for you. The Fab 5 are not only great guides in fashion and self care, but also so supportive of their “clients” in their everyday life. It’s really nice to watch.

On to Sense 8. What a wild show. We both totally loved season 2 and the finale movie. Season 1 we liked, but both felt that it kind of took its time getting going. But once it found its footing it was great. It’s just a really interesting show and we should be supporting more shows like it. More shows where it’s clear the filmmakers got to make exactly what they wanted. More shows that are so inclusive. More shows that are art.

It’s a fun episode about a fun show so sit back with a drink and hang out even when things get a little heavy!