It’s really easy to make a crap rom-com. There’s dozens of them released every year and they all follow the formula set by their predecessors. It’s boring. Netflix, as usual, has managed to do something fresh with Set It Up! They have done well in other genres and followed suite here and we couldn’t be happier.

Set It Up is about two professional assistants who have to ‘set up’ their bosses in order to find time for their own relationship. It sounds fairly standard, but it’s a lot of little things that bring this to another level. All the characters actually like each other, they feel real, they fuck pizza. It all adds up to something enough outside the box to feel good.

Netflix has another movie in the works with Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves that will hopefully be great too! But for now, Set It Up is a great movie which we HIGHLY recommend. Trust us, you’ll feel good after you watch it.


The SNL version of Jon Rudnitsky’s bit seems to have disappeared from the internet, so here it is from his standup routine.