I don’t think either of us knew we’d be into GLOW. Sure, Netflix has a good track record and it’s got a couple stars we like, but ladies wrestling in the 80s? Well, any words we might have said to that effect have at this point been thoroughly eaten because we adored GLOW. Well, we ARE adoring it. Fingers crossed for season 3!

GLOW is a fictionalized retelling of the real life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It’s a comedy…ish. It IS funny, but it certainly doesn’t shy away from themes like adultery, abortion, and anything else. Wil best described it as Mad Men meets Pitch Perfect, without the singing of course. Sprinkle in some killer performances both on and off the mat, and some great cinematography, and GLOW quickly climbed the ranks of our best shows of the year. Perhaps even all time.

This episode consists of a lot of gushing and a lot of gentle prodding of our listeners to go watch. And we just found out that our new queen Betty Gilpin was nominated for an Emmy alongside the show’s nomination for best comedy. It really is awesome and we’re going to tell you why on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


Hilarious interview with Betty Gilpin

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