Clash of the Titans has a special place in Wil’s heart. Editor/Husband Will’s heart too if we’re being honest. We saw it when we were kids and it especially hit Wil because he’s always had a love for mythology, storytelling, etc. There’s nothing cooler than the gods. No stories more interesting. We went into this episode thinking we’d like the original 1981 movie even more. Alas, we were wrong.

Kristin was new to the film and she was not a fan. Wil even knocked it down a bit in his mind. It does not age well. For one, it’s not so much a story as it is a bunch of events that are just strung together. I realize that’s technically what a story is, but you know what I mean. And the effects, while cool for the time, do not hold up by today’s standards. It’s a medium movie.

On the other hand, we rewatched the 2010 Clash of the Titans film and, eh, it’s slightly better than we remembered. Maybe that’s because we held it in such low regard before. It’s by no means good, and that’s about the best thing we have to say about it. It’s horribly miscast, riddled with studio problems, and the 3D is atrocious.

How has no one gotten this right?! Someday maybe we will! Hang out with us while we compare the two movies and bitch about just how much we wish they were really great.


Ray Harryhausen Exhibit!

Ep 66 Clash Of The Titans . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . 1. Titans Will Clash! 2. Harry Hamlin, and Judi Bowker / The original Pantheon 3. Ray Harryhausen and his monsters 4. some chick and her husband, The King! / The remake Pantheon 5. Sister’s aren’t doing it for themselves anymore… 6. Some of the most baffling marketing tie-ins I’ve ever seen 7. Agyness Dein, Luke Evans, and Izabella Miko BTS shots 8. Oh yeah, and these guys, Lo, Guinevere, and Lucifer or something… 9. I’m not bad, I’m just cursed that way. 10. And nothing of value was lost. . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #ClashOfTheTitans #ClashOfTheTitansRemake #ClashOfTheTitans2010 #SamWorthington #HarryHamlin #RayHarryhausen #LaurenceOlivier #UrsulaAndress #MaggieSmith #LiamNeeson #RalphFinnes #AlexaDavalos #IzabellaMiko #LukeEvans #AgynessDeyn #Zeus #Athena #Apollo #Aphrodite #Cassiopeia #PollyWalker #Medusa #BuboTheOwl #PerseusAndAndromeda #TheKraken

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