The Spy Who Dumped Me is right up our alley. It’s got two actresses we really like, a couple actors we really like, and promised to be a big fun spy movie from a female perspective. We were hoping it would be about as good as Melissa McCarty’s Spy from a few years ago. We were not disappointed.

So consider us flabbergasted by the fact that between when we left for the movie at 5:30p and returning around 10p, the Rotten Tomatoes score had dropped from a reasonable 59, down to an abysmal 38. Because of that, our podcast this week also includes a discussion about the state of reviewing. Is it a boys club? Is it because people looking to see prestige dramas are reviewing schlocky comedies? We don’t know. But something has to change.

We did LOVE The Spy Who Dumped me though. The action was really solid, the spycraft was surprisingly good albeit it simpler than say Mission Impossible, and damn it, it was funny as hell. You have to know what you’re going into when you see a Kate McKinnon movie. And if you do that, you won’t be disappointed.

So come relax and complain about crappy reviews for good movies on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


Kate McKinnon as Dana Scully

kate as dana