Claws didn’t start out like it was going to find its way onto our favorite shows list. But boy did it figure itself out fast. Season one took a few episodes to find its footing, but once it did we fell in love. And now after two seasons, we stan Desna and her team of misfits.

This episode is a bit of a test; We tried out episodic recording. So we’d watch an episode, then immediately sit down and record a little chunk of our thoughts. So instead of one whole episode of us trying to remember the whole season, we recorded everything FRESH! It was interesting, and we think we like it so we hope you do as well.

Since this is somewhat of an experiment, we’d love your feedback! The best way to let us know what you think is over on Twitter @soimwatching!! We had fun doing it this way and if you liked it we’ll keep it up. So enjoy this super deep breakdown of Claws Season 2 on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


Ep 70 Claws (Full Season 2 Recap) . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . 1. Claws Season 2 2. The gang (Virginia, Jenn, Desna, Polly, and Quiet Ann) 3. The Husser Boys (Bryce, Roller, Uncle Daddy) 4. Uncle Daddy, Aunt Mommy, and Toby) 5. Desna, a beautiful woman, and her brother Dean 6. Sorry Riva, there’s a new bitch in town 7. Chip, Olga, and Roller 8. All By Myself 9. Virginia and Quiet Ann at the clinic 10. Musical Numbers . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Claws #ClawsTNT #NiecyNash #CarriePreston #JudyReyes #KarruecheTran #JennLyon #JackKesy #HaroldPerrineau #DeanNorris #FrankaPotente #DaleDickey #DesnaSimms #QuietAnn #VirginiaLoc #HusserBoys DixieMafia #UncleDaddy #Zlata

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