Usually when we like a movie we can talk about it long enough to fill an entire episode. Not so much this time. We really did like The Happytime Murders. It was fun, and dumb, but had something to say about race, weirdly. It was good and if you go in with low expectations, and you like the cast, you’ll enjoy it. And maybe with a little booze in you you’ll like it even more.

Since we don’t talk all that long about The Happytime Murders, we touch on the wildly mediocre MTV VMAs. The performances were mostly medium, we didn’t know ANYONE who was winning the awards, and it was just flat boring. This leads to a larger discussion about the age of music we’re in which feels very transitional to say the least. Where will it settle? We definitely don’t know.

We wrap up this episode chatting about Sweetener, Arianna Grande’s new album. While we both enjoy it, we were hoping for something a little more dancy and a little less R&B. Arianna is still a supreme talent though and we hope she and Pete Davidson are doing OK.

We’re actually so curious what everyone is thinking about The Happytime Murders so hit us up on Twitter or Insta with your hot takes! For now though, sit back and enjoy a well-lubricated episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


Ep 74 Happytime Murders / The VMAs / Ariana Grande . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . . 1. For Better and/or Worse 2. The Happytime Murders 3. The Human Cast (Maya Rudolph, Leslie David Barker and Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks) 4. Augustus Bumblypants and the Chicks with Big Asses 5. Nicki Minaj’s VMAs performance 6. Ariana Grande’s VMAs performance 7. Shawn Mendes’s VMAs performance 8. Ariana Grande’s tribute to Fluffy from Harry Potter 9. Say goodnight and go 10. 🎶Before the night is up, we can get right🎶 . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #TheHappytimeMurders #HappytimeMurders #MayaRudolph #JoelMcHale #MelissaMcCarthy #ElizabethBanks #TheVMAs #2018VMAs #VMAs2018 #NickiMinaj #ArianaGrande #Sweetener #ShawnMendes #GodIsAWoman #GoodnightAndGo #GoodnightNGo #JLo #JenniferLopez

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