We saw John Cho’s new movie Searching this weekend and we liked it! We swear our opinions had nothing to do with a wild Debra Messing becoming increasingly unhinged as the story moved forward. Promise! Jokes aside, we thought Searching worked really well and told an interesting story, even if the main concept of the storytelling was a little unnecessary; It’s told exclusively through webcam footage.

Since Searching is a murder mystery, we decided to tackle another one of those this episode; Murder on the Orient Express. The remake, not the original, which we’ve barely seen, literally. We saw it in the park and it was impossible to see the image on the screen. We both really enjoyed Kenneth Branagh’s work both behind and in front of the camera. The characters, the visuals, the way the story unraveled, it all worked for us. The movie had a lot of style and at least for Wil it got many bonus points for that.

We do spoil the hell out of Searching and Murder on the Orient Express this episode, so if you haven’t seen them, go away. Or if you don’t care, sit down and cozy for our chat about cozy little murder mysteries on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!