Somehow we were at odds going into A Simple Favor; Kristin was super excited and thought it was gonna be great, and Wil couldn’t wrap his head around it. It’s a Gone Girl-esque mystery with two bubbly personalities being directed by one of the top comedy directors? It is kind of baffling.

Well, it came as no surprise to Kristin that it was excellent, and Wil wound up loving it. Top five of the year, guaranteed. While it did have that Gone Girl feel as mentioned, A Simple Favor is totally its own thing and was deadly funny. It took two great actresses, let them work both in and out of their comfort zones and as a result it worked incredibly well.

We don’t exactly talk about anything too spoilery in this episode. We think you should go in pretty fresh. But if you don’t mind having a general idea about the goings on of A Simple Favor then pack it in. We detail all the things we loved about the movie and the very minor things we didn’t. A Simple Favor easily worked it’s way onto our best of the year lists. Find out how in this mystery-filled episode of So...I’m Watching This Show!