If you’re a follower, you’ll know that we wrapped up Sharp Objects a couple weeks ago. We loved it, and it reminded us that we also love Amy Adams. So in honor of our red-haired queen, we decided to watch one of our underrated faves, Enchanted! It probably won’t be the last we watch specifically for her, but that’s where we’re gonna start.

If you’re unaware, Enchanted is a bit of a send-up of the Disney Princess genre. The twist is that Disney produced it! There’s a few songs with that traditional Alan Menken flair. But the movie also touches on some more adult themes like real-life love and sexuality. It really is a great movie that hits a lot of important notes. Get it? Because it’s got songs…

Anyway, Enchanted is a delightful ride and we were overjoyed rewatching it. Amy Adams has done some dark roles recently, but we loved seeing her bright and bubbly. Hang out with us as we go in depth with Enchanted on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


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