So, if you’re not watching The Good Place, you should be. Not just because it’s smart or funny, which it is. But because it makes you feel good. Even though the main characters of the show are supposedly ‘bad’ people, The Good Place gives you a warm feeling inside when you see them all grow. It’s heart-warming in the way we’ve come to know of Mike Schur, who gave usĀ Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

We dive deep into The Good Place, but not until after we chat about the Captain Marvel trailer. Let’s just say, we’re ready. Wil is still a little unconvinced about Brie Larson, but both he and Kristin think the movie is going to be a good time. And I mean what better way to denote that the movie is taking place in the 90s than to have her crash into a Blockbuster.

Honestly, we do a pretty good job staying on topic today. The Good Place is super funny, and super deep and provided us with a lot to talk about. Season three starts this week, so you better catch up! Laugh with us today as we gush on this episode of So…I’m Watching This Show.


The gay shakes: