Welcome to your bonus episode! Well, it’s a re-release of an older episode, but we’re excited about it nonetheless. Tatterdemalion was one of our favorite Florida Film Festival movies back in April, and we’re delighted to see that it got distribution. They’ve changed the name to Lost Child; a change we understand but aren’t in love with. It’s easier to sell a movie to the masses if it doesn’t have a strange name. However, the strange name was one of the reasons we decided to see it in the first place!

Anyway, we LOVED this movie! It was tense and spooky and slow, but in a really good way. We were super impressed by all the performances and by director Ramaa Mosley. We even had a chance to sit and chat with Ramaa for about 20 minutes during the festival and she was a delight to talk to. The whole experience was awesome, and the movie being great was the cherry on top.

We hope you all get a chance to see Lost Child, and you should make the time, honestly. It’s great to support independent art and prove to the distributors that picking up this movie was a good move. Thanks for listening! We’ll see you on Friday for your regularly scheduled dose of So…I’m Watching This Show!