Lady Gaga has been around for a long, LONG time. She was writing songs long before she made it as an artist in her own right. She’s grown, she’s evolved, she’s brilliant. Sometimes. Well, most of the time. Let’s just say we’ve always found at least something to like on her albums. A lot of the times it’s the whole album, but not always.

For as big of Lady Gaga fans as we are, we aren’t here to just praise her blindly. We love her of course, but not everything she’s done has been gold. She’s had her ups and downs just like any artist, but she always comes back strong and bolder than ever. The best thing about Lady Gaga is that we can always give her credit for trying something new. She is out there making art. True art. Not to compare her to Madonna again, but she’s expressing herself unapologetically. And most of the time it works.

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The True Birth!

Actual image of Wil trying not to talk about Beyonce: