I don’t think either of us were all that excited about Venom when it was announced. It was to be a Sony-produced, PG-13, special effects mess and they followed through on that fairly spectacularly. It’s obviously trimmed to hit the PG-13 rating, Sony DEFINITELY made it, and the special effects were indeed a mess. Critics were not kind on release.

However, we didn’t hate Venom. Everyone made it out to be some sort of complete shit show and it was fine. It’s not going to win any awards and it won’t be in anyone’s top 10 superhero movies lists, but it was passable. An R-rating would have improved it, more interesting characters and better casting would have improved it, but we had fun nonetheless. Venom was alright.

We cap the episode off talking about our very busy Fall TV lineup. Kristin has been writing reviews of each episode of three of her favorite new dramas; New Amsterdam, Manifest, and A Million Little Things, which you can find right here on the website! And Wil decided to say “fuck a 3-camera sitcom.” We’re above those now.

Anyway, what are you watching this Fall? If it’s any good let us know! Despite being very busy already, we’re always looking for new and interesting things to talk about. So join us as we talk about the new and interesting things we’ve already found on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!