As I suspected the more questions that get answered on A Million Little Things, the more mysteries pop up. We still don’t know what’s up with Ashley and she’s gotten even more suspicious. There’s someone named Barbara Morgan in the mix now; she was in Jon’s will. Maggie’s past keeps getting more and more interesting and potentially tragic. There’s a lot to like about this group of friends learning how to keep surviving after a trauma.

One of my favorite things about the show is the deep looks at adult friendships. So often with shows like this we as viewers are asked to take a lot on faith about why the characters even like each other. Whether it’s a product of cast chemistry or the writing I am completely sold on the whole friend group and their individual relationships with each other. Take, for instance, Gary’s relationship with Jon and Delilah’s son Danny. It’s clear that Gary is the fun uncle Danny talks to and it’s also clear he doesn’t have the same relationship with Rome or Eddie. Because this is established properly it’s easy and understandable for Danny to confirm to Gary that he has a crush on a boy AND that he’s worried that’s part of the reason his dad killed himself.

On the other hand, it’s also made apparent through the course of the episode that Rome has the best relationship with Jon’s daughter Sophie and he’s the one who takes over responsibilities for the father daughter dance recital at the center of the episode, after an original abortive attempt by Eddie to take over, against the objections of Delilah.

Meanwhile, the inner workings of the group are, for the most part, just the same as they’ve always been. They’ve absorbed Maggie as one of their own and nothing has noticeably changed except that Delilah believes Jon killed himself because he found out about her and Eddie and Eddie refuses to listen to the voicemail Jon left him right before he jumped. It’s pretty obvious from the start that the message is going to be a blessing but we don’t find out for sure until after Delilah has told Eddie they absolutely can’t be together anymore. It makes Jon’s “just love each other” message all the more heartbreaking because he seems to know Eddie and Delilah would be good together.

This brings me to my biggest gripe about the episode: Delilah’s inability to find comfort where it’s coming from. I do completely understand that her husband only just died, but she was also cheating before he died and if she were to openly be with Eddie at this point what else could happen? Jon is already dead. He can’t leave her or divorce her. The only consequences at this point would be for Eddie who would have to actually leave his wife (who gets zero screen time this week.)

Aside from the father daughter dance recital this week, we also get the information that Delilah will be Regina’s partner in the restaurant endeavor. Jon didn’t want Regina to be alone in the venture and he knew Delilah would want to get back to work to have something to fill her time once he was gone. It feels somehow more and less chilling to know how much Jon thought about the aftermath of his suicide.

Finally we have Maggie, who despite being new to the group has been fully welcomed by everyone, to the point that she’s at Delilah’s house before Gary even shows up for an impromptu brunch. Unfortunately she and Gary have not fully welcomed their new relationship. They’ve both relegated whatever they’re doing to a simple hookup relationship when it’s obvious to everyone else that they’re for sure in love since they have a lot in common what with the breast cancer and all. Speaking of which, we do find out for sure that Maggie’s cancer is back and she’s not currently seeking treatment. I would have liked it less if it hadn’t taken her ex-boyfriend to tell us that, but he is played by Sam Huntington who I loved on Rosewood (RIP).

All in all, A Million Little Things is moving along at a great clip. We’re not having to dwell too long on anything too annoying yet and we’re getting answers to mysteries slowly but surely. Thankfully we’re still getting new mysteries too; like the mysterious Barbara Morgan, and wondering how much Jon really knew about everything, not to mention the rest of Maggie’s past. I for one can’t wait to keep getting more answers and questions!

How long should you wait after your spouse dies to move on with the person you were already cheating with? Is approximately one week enough?

Who do you think Barbara Morgan is?

Does Eddie’s wife even matter at all? Be honest.

Now that the official A Million Little Things review is out of the way, follow my stream of consciousness bullet points below!

  • Eddie totally does need to leave his wife
  • Ruh roh – looks like Jon did know about Delilah and Eddie
  • Maggie and Gary definitely love each other – it’s only a matter of time
  • This seems like a really bad time for this friend group to start lying to each other
    • Re: voice mails and cheating on spouses
  • LOL Maggie has totally gotten in there with this group. I love it
  • Jon’s son is totes gay right?
  • LOL what can we do to distract Sophie from the fact that her dad’s dead and there’s this daddy/daughter thing!
    • Here’s an idea: don’t distract her and go with her to the recital instead!
  • I guess like what could happen at this point. He’s already dead – Delilah and Eddie should just be together.
  • Directing commercials feels real horrible
  • It’s official – Maggie does have cancer again
    • And an ex boyfriend
  • WHAT! Who is Barbara Morgan?!
    • 4th beneficiary in his Will…
  • “The only one he forgot about was me” Um…you have a brother!
  • Oh man…poor Danny! No your dad def did not kill himself because you’re gay
  • Maggie seems like a very good therapist
  • I don’t know if it would make me feel better or worse if I knew my parent had a plan for after their suicide