Continuing our spooky October movies, this week we’re talking about The Descent! It’s always been one of Wil’s favorites and it gives Kristin the absolute creepies so it’s perfect in more ways than one. We wanted to watch movies that were scary, and this certainly fits the bill.

The Descent follows six friends into a cave where, you guessed it, things do not go as planned. There’s some interpersonal issues among the group, but those take a back seat to the CAVE-DWELLING CREATURES! These things are the real deal. They’re humanoid, but they can’t see and they’re pretty sure you’re delicious. It doesn’t work out well for our heroes.

Have you seen The Descent? What did you think? It seems to be well regarded in the movie scene, but we see fewer people that are familiar with it than we think we should. To hear all our thoughts, spelunk into today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!



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Ep 85 The Descent . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . 🚨Spoiler Talk starts at around (Light spoilers) 12:00 minute mark (Hard spoilers) 21:40 minute mark🚨 . . 1. The Descent 2. A Star, A Star Is Born, Is Born 3. The Girls 4. Elegant Crawlers 5. That’s a strange looking rock 6. Hey guys, Is there something listening to us behind me? 7. Juno 🎶Level’s up, level’s up, level’s up, level’s up, level’s up🎶 8. Are you feeling Chilli? Here, have some Stew! 9. 🎶Creepy Crawlers🎶 10. . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #Cinema #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #TheDescent #NeilMarshall #ShaunaMacdonald #NatalieMendoza #AlexReid #Crawlers #Zombies #Halloween #ScaryMovie

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