We have finally reached the moment of truth on A Million Little Things. The episode where everyone in the friend group finds out that Eddie and Delilah were having an affair. If I’m honest, everyone reacted exactly how I knew they would. Unfortunately, everyone acted in a way that infuriated me with the exception of Maggie and Rome. Before I get too deep into it I’ll be honest. Yes, I would obviously feel lots of angry ways about it if I found out two of my married friends were sexing each other. However, I am pretty sure I would not imply and then outright say that I believed it was the cause of my other friend’s suicide (I’m looking at you Gary!)

The episode opens with Delilah torturing herself by going through Jon’s laptop and emails. It does not seem healthy. We also find out in pretty rapid order that it’s Gary’s birthday, Maggie still has a lot of secrets and Delilah is spiraling even harder than we’ve thought so far. When Regina brings her over some more food (including cookies) she basically smacks down her kindness and tells her she can’t have anymore food. Firstly, rude. Secondly, Regina is obviously having a hard time too, be cool! Thirdly, you are business partners now, stop being such a butthead about your business partner!

Back to Gary, apparently he hates his birthday but when he gets home from Maggie’s Eddie is waiting for him because they all received an auto reminder for whatever Jon had planned. Rome arrives shortly after and none of them feel comfortable doing whatever Jon planned until they find out it’s Bruins fantasy camp and then they’re certain that Jon would have wanted them to do it without him. Unfortunately, Eddie refuses to go without his lucky skates and so they stop off at home where Katherine is for the first time in the series. As you can imagine it is a matter of seconds before she finds out that Eddie was having an affair and even less time after that before she finds out it was with Delilah and Gary overhears it and then tells everyone else!

Now look…I’m not saying it’s ok that they were having an affair. If you’re going to have an affair you should just definitely separate from your current spouse first. However, it’s been made pretty clear that Eddie and Delilah were abandoned spouses because Jon and Katherine both work entirely too much. Additionally, instead of understanding that it’s not any of their fucking business every single other person in the group decides to pass so much judgement on both Delilah and Eddie.

Some crazy how, the guys still make it to Bruins Fantasy Camp even though Eddie shows up late. They have a kind of decent time and they end up winning their game against the other attendants. Eddie quite rightly thinks that everything’s fine at least with Rome and Gary until Gary tells him that what he’s done is unforgivable and leaves. On the one hand, he’s not wrong. But on the other hand I literally don’t understand how the rest of this friend group is not more sympathetic except for the idea that they all have hero worship for Jon that’s even more elevated now that he’s dead.

My last big issue with this is that it doesn’t even seem like anyone cared that much about Katherine until this episode where all of a sudden she was their favorite spouse in the group. They’ve had so many events without her, Gary and Rome have mentioned that Eddie hates her multiple times and we’ve seen zero of the women interact with her until this episode where she and Delilah have it out in actually a pretty chill way.

The last main scene of the episode mostly explains why Gary was such a dick the whole episode. He goes to Delilah’s house and explains why he hates his birthday – it’s to do with his parents being unhappy and divorcing near his birthday when he was a kid. Delilah gets it and she also explains that while Jon was there for everyone else she fell through the cracks and wasn’t getting any support from him anymore. Gary seems to get it and so he’s presumably made peace with Delilah at least. Eddie on the other hand is in multiple states of limbo. He tells Katherine he’ll do whatever she wants and she asks if he fell in love with Delilah. He obviously did and even though he doesn’t say it she knows and slaps him before shoving sheets in his hands so he can sleep on the couch.

By all accounts it’s much better that this is out in the open, but it has definitely rocked the group in ways they were hoping to avoid when they broke off their affair. I, however, am very much looking forward to finding out where the show goes from here. We definitely need to find out what Ashley knows still and I’m sure there will be further fallout from the Eddie/Delilah affair. There’s also still so much mystery surrounding Maggie and her whole deal that we haven’t even scratched the surface.

How long would you be mad at your friend for sleeping with your dead friend’s wife?

Would you be mean to your friend who brought you cookies in your hour of need?

Would you expect to be kicked out of Bruins fantasy camp for fighting on the ice?



  • Delilah is definitely torturing herself by looking at all of Jon’s stuff. Not healthy!
  • OH boy…Gary’s birthday is not going to be a fun night I don’t think…
  • Maggie and Gary are a lot of fun – their chemistry is legit.
  • Delilah…girl…you are spiralling. You need Regina’s cookies!!
  • I presume everyone’s seconds away from finding out about Eddie and Delilah
  • Hahaah “We shouldn’t do this without Jon. Not ever”
    • “It’s Bruins fantasy camp!”
    • “Jon would be mad if we didn’t’ do it, let’s go!”
  • Katherine SUUUUCKS – even if she was cool about that
  • I would definitely have more sympathy for Katherine if this wasn’t the first time we’d seen her emote since the beginning of the series and if she didn’t suck so hard as a person and wife and mother.
  • Am I the only one who’s sympathetic to Eddie and Delilah?
  • I just feel like it’s so clear that many members of this friend group have been having a hard time that two of them having an affair is not the biggest deal in this whole situation.
  • Man, Gary’s kind of a bitch huh? – that video was no joke
  • Kicked out of Bruins fantasy camp for fighting – happy birthday Gary!
  • They were both abandoned spouses! IT MAKES SENSE!!
  • There’s a lot of fucking judgement from people who are also making terrible life decisions
  • WTF is Lochlyn Munro doing in this episode?
  • It is just not clear at all that Katherine was close to any of them. They have been frequently having events completely without her…and not even mentioning her
  • Ok Gary’s anger makes more sense after his story about his parents – but it’s still WAY outsized for something that didn’t happen to him personally.