As of the (two weeks late) writing of this we’ve thankfully been granted what looks like ten extra episodes of A Million Little Things! Thank goodness because this shit is getting messier by the moment! I can’t wait to see how the story plays out with extra episodes especially considering some of the information we get in “The Game of Your Life.”

We start out the episode in Gary’s apartment which I can’t remember seeing before. It’s extremely nice. Like nicer than I feel like he can afford as an insurance actuary. Everyone gets a little bit of a check in before we head over to Eddie and Katherine’s where they are getting Theo ready for his school play. He will be a tree in Snow White which is adorable. Unfortunately, Katherine didn’t get the heads up that the play moved up a day and she has to be in court so she’ll miss it.

On the one hand I’m totally on her side. It must really suck not to be able to see your kids do stuff because you’re a working mom. On the other hand, I’m not irritated with Eddie like she is because how was he supposed to know she didn’t get the email about the date change? He promises to do what he can to delay the play so she can make it, but she seems pretty down about her chances.

Meanwhile, Regina and Delilah are in a much better place since they made up last week. They’re meeting about the restaurant when Delilah gets a call that Sophie punched someone at school! Delilah is rightfully embarrassed in front of the principal until Sophie explains that she only punched the other girl because she added Jon to a prayer chain because he’s burning in hell for committing suicide. That punch was justified and that prayer chain was a bad move. Another bad move is all this religion talk literally out of nowhere. It’s not been made clear that any of the friends are religious at all but I guess Jon was? Either way Sophie apparently takes her faith very seriously so she was more irritated by the prayer chain that Delilah.

Knowing she won’t make Theo’s play unless she does something drastic, Katherine tries to appeal to her judge’s own motherhood to get a continuance on her case. But, alas, the judge is kind of a hardass even though she’s a mom. Her kid had a 102 fever that morning and she still came to work. We definitely get a sense of Katherine’s keen legal mind though when she asks a series of questions which force the defense into requesting the continuance so they can research some claims. Katherine gets to leave court and she calls Eddie to say she’s forty minutes away which would be great if the play didn’t start in twenty.

This is when Eddie really starts to shine. He tries to delay the play just by asking the principal but he rigidly refuses. Which is when Eddie realizes he’s got all the ammunition he needs in the other working moms. He engineers a spur of the moment parent teacher meeting which miraculously takes just about twenty minutes so when Katherine shows up to the play she’s just in time! Unfortunately for Eddie the gesture only reinforces Katherine’s decision that they need to get divorced because instead of making her happy their ability to work so well together only made her angry and sad again. I’ll be honest I was pretty upset because if Eddie and Delilah won’t get together I was hoping Eddie and Katherine could makeup. But they tell Theo, and at the end of the episode Katherine takes him away so Eddie can pack and move onto Gary’s couch.

Speaking of Gary, he plans a huge romantic day for Maggie complete with a hot air balloon ride and deep dish pizza which he calls disgusting (he’s wrong.) The whole day is just a smokeshow to get her to tell him about her cancer though and she realizes that pretty quickly. She doesn’t get mad once he explains that he didn’t want to pressure her to tell him which is great because their dance around each other is already getting tedious. She does admit that she doesn’t want any more treatment though and Gary has a hard time accepting that.

Again, I definitely see both sides. I would absolutely get the treatment. But I can also understand not wanting to be sick for potentially your last months of life. When Gary started making her play basketball to determine if she’d get treatment or not I laughed, but that’s also not something you can determine with a basketball game. It’s ultimately Maggie’s decision what to do with her body which she makes clear at the end of the episode much to Gary’s chagrin.

While everyone else has been sharing stories with one other character, Rome is alone this week as he finally starts getting help from an appropriate therapist. They talk about his family and if it’s possible his parents were ever depressed which leads him to take a trip home. He tries to talk to his dad about it which seemed like a strange move since mom’s are always more forthcoming. This turns out to be the case because while his father doesn’t have much in the way of advice beyond “everyone gets sad sometimes” his mom tells the truth about the dark times. She insists that Rome needs to take care of himself both for himself, but also for Regina. It’s a wonderful sentiment and seems to resonate with Rome which is great, now he just needs to tell Regina about his feelings. Like now!

Our last reveal of the episode is that someone is pregnant! And it’s Delilah. I milked the suspense just as much as the show because we find out after only like five minutes of Rome thinking it might be Regina who’s pregnant. I mean it couldn’t have been Maggie and Regina has been extremely vocal about not wanting kids at all. Also Delilah was the one banging two different dudes for the last several months. The only mystery coming out of this episode is whether the baby is Eddie’s or Jon’s and I assume we’ll get that next week!


How long would you wait to tell your spouse you started therapy?

Would you react well to being trapped in a hot air balloon with someone trying to manipulate you into truth telling?

Who do you want to be the father of Delilah’s baby?



  • Rome! Tell your wife!!
  • Shit Gary’s place is super nice!
  • Honestly if Eddie and Delilah aren’t going to make it work I want Katherine and Eddie to make it work
    • They’re definitely shading her finally in a way that should have happened much sooner.
  • I’m glad Regina and Delilah are in a better place.
  • Sophie…this is not the right time to start being a bitchy teenager and punching people.
  • Hahaha is Katherine going to try and mom her way out of court?
    • Big surprise it didn’t work.
  • Rome is finally seeing an appropriate therapist!
  • Ok fine, Sophie was justified – that prayer chain is bad juju
  • This is a weird church stance all of a sudden out of nowhere.
  • Katherine used her awesome legal mind to get out of court! Well done!
  • Gary…my dude…trapping a woman in a hot air balloon to try and get her to admit she has cancer again is not the best idea
  • Eddie is pretty balls to the wall trying to delay this play
    • There’s nothing scarier than a bunch of angry working moms
  • I mean Gary technically did the right thing by letting her have the space to tell him but it’s still a really weird situation.
  • I definitely get both sides of this but I think Maggie is being dumb.
  • Rome didn’t have a chance with these parents did he?
  • This extended tree metaphor is actually great?
  • You can’t play basketball to determine if someone gets chemo LOL
    • Also she’s still not going to get Chemo even if he wins
  • Delilah is a good mom!
    • Movies, boxing with a dummy, eating too much food! All good ways of channeling anger and not getting in trouble for hitting other people
  • Ruh roh…Katherine’s putting the hammer down – that’s fair.
    • Why don’t I feel like I deserve more?
  • Poor Gary does not know how to handle this – he’s not equipped for this decision
  • Someone’s pregnant!
    • I’ll bet it’s Delilah – I was right!!
    • Gary with his pee fingers in the background is incredible
  • I cry, without fail, every single time I hear The Rainbow Connection
  • Gary can not keep being the friend who’s always there. He needs someone to be there for him too!
  • Oh shit…is it Eddie’s or Jon’s?