Full disclosure, I got very busy and so watched episodes five and six of A Million Little Things one right after the other so I only had to wait about five minutes to watch the fall out over Delilah’s pregnancy. I’m ultimately glad I did it this way, because it would have been driving me crazy for a full week if I hadn’t. The only bummer is that we don’t find out who the actual father is until the end of the episode. Spoiler alert: I think it’s definitely Eddie but Delilah’s going to insist it’s Jon just for the ease of explanation. It’s a good thing they both have black hair…

The episode opens with Regina and Rome preparing for game night. Rome wonders how Regina didn’t think to ask who the father was and Regina insists Delilah would have told her if she wanted her to know. They agree not to say anything to anyone beyond Gary and Eddie who were there when the pregnancy test was found, but who both think Regina is pregnant. What follows is the funniest running gag with wine I’ve seen since John Krasinski in It’s Complicated. Gary offers Regina wine before he remembers she’s “pregnant” so he takes it away from her. Then Delilah shows up and gets offered some wine before Rome interjects. Delilah tries to play it off but before long she’s taking Eddie into the other room to come clean.

It doesn’t sound too funny but it is hilarious in execution thanks mostly to the perfect chemistry between Regina and Rome, and Rome and the guys. Either way the secret is out almost immediately and Delilah tells Eddie the baby is Jon’s so game night is over pretty quickly. I feel the most bad for Maggie because she seemed PUMPED for game night.

From there we go to Regina’s restaurant space while she’s telling the contractor to be sure and install LED lights. I can not disagree with this decision more than I do. LED lights are going to make all that awesome exposed brick look washed out and dull. You need dim golden light in that restaurant and nothing else. It’s not too long before Regina leaves Rome in charge so she can run errands. And it’s not too long after that when Regina’s mom, Shelly (Romy Rosemont), shows up. It’s clear from the word go that they have a very strained relationship and that Shelly is extremely meddlesome.

There’s not a great deal of Ashley in this episode but after having zero last week it felt like a punch in the face. She’s the only character I don’t have a sense of and drawing out this weird Barbara Morgan/blue folder mystery is not as exciting as the show thinks. It’s extremely tedious and I literally just want her to come clean about what she’s been hiding. For a moment in this episode I thought she had, but she was just imagining telling Delilah and I was even more frustrated than when I started.

In the midst of all his personal drama Eddie has been preparing for a new gig which is very exciting! The closer it gets, the more psyched out he gets to the point where he calls Gary, who is watching Theo, to come talk him down off the ledge. Luckily he’s able to and Eddie has a great show! Delilah comes to watch and after his set she meets him backstage. She explains that it’s too hard for them to try and make a go of it but that the baby is, in fact, Eddie’s. It just has to be Jon’s to everyone else.

This is all after she got Gary to go with her to get an abortion and then couldn’t go through with it. In my honest opinion Gary has quite enough on his plate and he needs to stop being the strong one for everyone else. It’s time for someone to give Gary a hug and ask him what’s going on with him. He’s there for everyone else but he’s the one with cancer and a dying girlfriend and a dead friend. He’s going to snap at some point I’m sure.

My favorite part of this episode was definitely the ending where Regina finds Rome’s suicide note. On the one hand, empty your trash more frequently Rome! On the other hand I can’t even tell you how happy I am that Regina finally knows. They have a spectacular talk where Regina tells him they’re a team and he has to talk to her from now on. I love it so much and their chemistry is the absolute best.

All in all this was a great episode and it makes me so pleased we’re getting more because I need infinitely more answers! I feel like the show is finally firing on all cylinders which is encouraging since it’s still pretty early in its run.



  • Rome and Regina have the best chemistry on the show.
    • “God I wish I was Maggie”
  • Poor Maggie just wants to play games
  • Delilah was definitely banging both of them at the same time…this is going to be a fun rest of game night…
  • Regina…you do not want LED’s in this space. YOU WANT A WARM GOLDEN LIGHT!
  • Ashley! What is your deal!
  • Despite his infidelity Eddie is actually a really great dad
  • I don’t care about Ashley at all beyond wanting to know whatever she knows.
    • She’s boring besides that
    • Yeah you should have given this to Delilah like weeks ago!
    • Ugh!! Give her the blue folder!!!
  • Regina’s mom is the worst
    • Don’t have kids just because your parents want you to have kids!!
    • Shelly is right about the LED lights though
  • Eddie does not need to get more psyched out about his gig
  • Everyone needs to stop relying on Gary – he’s going to snap soon I think
    • This abortion is being handled nicely
    • Though “This Woman’s Work” is not necessary
    • Oh snap! She didn’t get it!
  • Look at Eddie giving a pep talk to his son and himself at the same time!
  • Shelly is a literal nightmare
    • I mean it’s nice that she was legitimately trying to help but I also hate the way she went about it.
  • Maggie and Gary figuring out the night terror and Eddie’s shit is hilarious
    • Oh no, he’s never performed sober.
  • Thank god Regina finally knows!
    • I mean it’s going to be a fight but thank god
    • I’m just so glad they talked about it!
  • These are the most emotionally messy adults I’ve ever witnessed
  • How long before Eddie goes on tour or something?
    • Good thing both guys have brown hair I guess…