We’ve been excited for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for a long time, and for many reasons. First of all, we’re just the right age to have loved Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. And let me tell you, we did. When that TGIF hit and we got that theme song and talking cat? That was the business. It was a big part of our formative years and it has a special place in our Harts (see what I did there?).

Another big reason we’ve been excited is because we love Riverdale. The folks behind these shows have kind of said they’re not looking to do crossovers, but they will. We know they will, because we’ll riot if they don’t. But honestly, we love the sensibilities of Riverdale and with Netflix really firing on all cylinders, it seemed like a match made in heaven.

The last big reason we’re so hyped for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is Sabrina herself, Kiernan Shipka. Kristin saw her potential in Mad Men, and Wil fell in love with her on Feud and Flowers in the Attic. It’s a weird mix, but it works, and she made it work.

So it won’t surprise you that we LOVED the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! It felt like Netflix spared no expense in bringing this world to life and it showed on the screen. From the talent to the sets to the wardrobe to the effects, everything worked incredibly well. Join us then as we talk episodically about these first ten episodes on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!



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Ep 95 The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina . . Listen now at soimwatching.com (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . . 1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch 2. Zelda and Hilda 3. Sabrina’s Dark Baptism 4. The Weird Sisters (Agatha, Dorcas, and Prudence) 5. Salem the goblin and cat 6. Susie, Ros, Sabrina, and Harvey 7. Cousin Ambrose 8. Harvey’s crop top 9. Mrs Wardwell 10. The Devil and Sabrina Spellman . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #Cinema #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #Sabrina #CAOS #SabrinaNetflix #TheChillingAdventuresOfSabrina #SabrinaTheTeenageWitch #KiernanShipka #RossLynch #LucyDavis #MirandaOtto #ChancePerdomo #MichelleGomez #TatiGabrielle #SabrinaSpellman #HarveyKinkle #MsWardwell #Salem #TheWeirdSisters #Satan #AuntHilda #AuntZelda

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