It’s finally time to catch up with you about American Horror Story Apocalypse! Our patrons over on Patreon were able to follow along with us episode by episode as the season aired so if that sounds like a good time to you (trust us, it is) then head over to our Patreon and pledge! It helps us keep the cost of seeing movies down and allows us to do more for you guys!

American Horror Story Apocalypse might be our favorite season of AHS so far. Aside from the first few episdoes, which we talk about extensively throughout the season, this was a very consistent and interesting season. And consistency is really all we ask for out of AHS, but they rarely give it to us. As if that wasn’t good enough, Apocalypse is basically just a sequel to Coven, which we’ve been calling for since Coven ended. They finally listened!

Is this season perfect? Absolutely not. But we really enjoyed it (mostly). Find out what we liked and what we didn’t on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show! And remember, to follow along with us in real time simply head over to our Patreon, and pledge at the $3 tier or above! It’s far and away the best way to support us, beyond being an active listener and interacting with us. Thank you for considering a pledge!



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Ep 96 American Horror Story: Apocalypse . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . . 1. AHS: More Witches N Shit 2. Some of these people mean something, maybe 3. Surprise Witch 4. Surprise Bitch 5. Surprise Which? 6. Bet you haven’t seen the last of me 7. Coco’s blessing and curse 8. It’s kind of a new new world order (give or take) 9. Who cares?!? 10. Objects in mirror are more pathetic than they appear . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #Cinema #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #AHS #AmericanHorrorStory #Apocalypse #AHSApocalypse #AmericanHorrorStoryApocalypse #AHS8 #SarahPaulson #FrancesConroy #JessicaLange #EvanPeters #KathyBates #BillieLord #LilyRabe #CheyenneJackson #EmmaRoberts #TaissaFarmiga #AdinaPorter #GaboureySidibe #Coven #MurderHouse #AHSCoven #AHSMurderHouse

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