Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving everyone! We hope you all got through the holiday without any big fights with your loved ones. Today, we wanted to give you an episode about something we’ve always associated with the holiday season; The Muppets! Maybe it’s because there’s several Christmas Muppet films. Either way, The Muppet Movie is something Wil always watched with his family at this time of year so now you get to as well!

We chat about our different histories with the Muppets, but also about the weird history of the Muppets themselves. From weird coffee commercials involving death, all the way up to the new Muppet movie, we have some opinions. We focus a lot of this episode on the original Muppet Movie from 1979, but we touch on some other topics as well. We’ll be spending more episodes talking about the Muppets in the future.

But today, we wanted you to enjoy The Muppet Movie with us! The episode is chock full of clips from the movie and also from a few old school skits. It’s lots of fun and we’re so excited for you to join us on today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!


SUPER weird coffee commercial starring “Kermit”