Today’s episode is a bit of a strange one. We’re talking about Love Actually and Rules of Attraction, two movies that Kristin and Wil respectively have always thought of as kind of off-holiday movies. They take place during Christmas time, but neither really hinges on that (Love Actually a bit moreso).

This was also an excuse for Wil to rewatch Rules of Attraction and test whether or not he’ll still hold it in as high a regard as he did in his early-20s. You’ll have to listen for the full extent of that experiment, but for now let’s just say he enjoyed the rewatch. The big twist in this story is that Wil had actually (lol) never seen Love Actually.

We approached this episode in two chunks. The movies don’t really exist in the same realm so we didn’t find ourselves looking to compare them. So the first half focuses on Love Actually, followed up with Rules of Attraction. It’s a bit of a curveball, but we had fun talking about these two non-traditional Christmas films. So curl up by the fire and hang out with us for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!