Awards season is coming! And with it brings a pile of movies we missed over the course of the year that we need to watch. Today, we start catching up! This is the first of who knows how many Oscar Roundup episodes!

Today we’re tackling three pretty different movies: The Favourite, Boy Erased, and you guessed it, Can You Ever Forgive Me. They’ve each got some acting nominations and we think each of them is deserving. Not only that, but The Favourite landed itself a Best Comedy nom as well. 

We have quite a list of movies to get caught up on so if anything goes according to plan on our end, you’ll see a few more episodes just like this; quick roundups of some of the best of the year. We’re looking forward to it and we hope you are too!

For now, get your shiny golden statues and disappointed frowns ready for today’s episode of  So…I’m Watching This Show!


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Ep 103ish The Favourite / Boy Erased / Can You Ever Forgive Me? . . Listen now at (or wherever you listen to podcasts) . . 🚨Spoiler Talk🚨 . The Favourite 1:49 Boy Erased 23:00 Can You Ever Forgive Me 60:49 . . 1. Award Season Roundup 2. “I’m not bad, I just lounge about that way.” 3. “Can you ever forgive me?” “Probably not, no.” 4. This party’s a little bit Commedia dell’arte, don’t ya think? 5. “Well, one of us is gettin’ erased and it ain’t gone be your mother or me*” . *Spoiler Alert, it’s him . 6. 🎶If I lay here. If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget that God might strike us down🎶 7. These hands were made for huggin’ 8. “So that’s where the erasing is going to be, can I get the Boy over there?” 9. Can you Ever Forgive Me? 10. Probably not, no. . . . #SoImWatchingThisShow #SIWTS #Podcast #Movies #Film #Cinema #InstaFlick #InstaMovies #MovieReview #Funny #PopCulture #MovieOfTheDay #NowWatching #TheFavourite #BoyErased #CanYouEverForgiveMe #EmmaStone #OliviaColman #JoeAlwyn #YorgosLanthimos #NicoleKidman #LucasHedges #TroyeSivan #MelissaMcCarthy #RichardEGrant

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