M Night Shyamalan is at it again and we’re gonna talk about him a bit. With Glass now out for all to see, his “trilogy” is wrapped up, and as a trilogy I guess we liked it? It’s a mixed bag.

I think everyone must have seen Unbreakable at one point or another, but it had been so long for all of us that we rewatched it. It’s great. It holds up. It has that same atmospheric feel common in Night movies from that era (Signs, Sixth Sense, The Village) without being an outright horror movie. It’s a very consistent movie, which is more than we can say for Glass, but we’ll get there.

Split was generally liked in the SIWTS household. James McAvoy reeled in Kristin, and Wil loves an interesting-looking female lead and Anya Taylor-Joy is that in spades. It’s very watchable to say the least. The mystery is intriguing and McAvoy’s performance really enhances the movie. Without him, it would have failed. Despite what husband/editor would call a clunky tie to Unbreakable, Split works and most of the time works well.

And now we reach Glass. Not a bad movie, but neither is it a good movie. And certainly less consistent in tone and look than its predecessors. McAvoy shines again, Taylor-Joy still is alluring and their dynamic could have been more interesting than it was. At one point in the podcast Wil calls the movie baffling, and that is apt.

For a deeper dive into all three movies, prepare yourself a nice cocktail (with a TWIST obviously) and settle in for today’s episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!