If you weren’t exactly loving hearing us dump on a movie like we did to Alita, we have the remedy for you today. We watched all the How to Train Your Dragon films and we absolutely loved them. These quickly became some of our favorite movies, definitely top family movies.

It all started when we got an email about an early screening of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, the series’ third and final installment. Kristin and husband/editor Will had seen the original, and Wil hadn’t seen any of them. This triggered a journey of discovery not unlike the one Hiccup goes on in the movies.

The first How to Train Your Dragon is a great family movie. It’s got really fun characters, dragons of course, and a good story and message. The second movie is slightly flatter on the story, but EXPONENTIALLY more visually appealing. It was a massive jump in quality from the first. And finally How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is an amazing marriage of story and visual fidelity.

The series builds beautifully and the way they wrap things up is so touching and so satisfying that it’s hard to recall a series that has done it better. You will cry watching this movie. You just will. So be ready. Our episode is full of spoilers and we HIGHLY recommend seeing the movies so if you want to be surprised, take a break and go check them out. But if you’re ready for us to love on these movies for an hour, then settle in for today’s dragon-stuffed episode of So…I’m Watching This Show!